Book Of Flags

by Killeur Calculateur

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CODE03 : Killeur Calculateur - Book Of Flags LP

Co-release with good people at Tandang Store (


released October 30, 2014



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Framecode Records Malaysia

Framecode Records are the new label in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia .

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Track Name: Red Marquee
A land left in ruins;from feudal to imperial
Track Name: Golden Triangle
We got the key/We need no diamonds/We want it all
Golden triangle
Eve show us the good side of hell
Forgive this intrusion
Temptation meets demand/This gun is now loaded/Obsession state of mind/This feeling, anxious.
On the floor/Hands where we can see them/Man overboard!
Silence,blood rush,swollen/The love below/Disarm,discard,discharge/The lust above
Now we're high you and I alone
We got the key/We need no diamonds/We want it all
Golden triangle
Track Name: Funk Facts
So calm the fuck down/Two headed dog chasing its own tail/Behold the mass filth/What you perceive as holy HOLY!
Wasteful anger/Divided+conquered/
Question who/What would Jebat do?
Blasphemy is not a threat/Not as big as bigots/Defiance against nuisance...
Is this the bitter end?
Cut the crap we're fucking bored
Track Name: Ghost Of Regret
At the doorstep,plotting,wanting/Waiting means never living/The ghost of regret lives forever/This prison is not a house
Mundane regime nationals/Political tongue/White noise imposer
The ghost of regret lives forever
Abandon.Exit still life/Is it a crime to rule out the standards/Is it a standard to be ruled/From hate to migrate/Disrupt normal perspective or common alternative /No instigator,no belief to reason/The world is calling/ At the doorstep,departing,leaving/Come what may/The ghost of regret lives forever
Track Name: Mess History
Go back to the times to reset/Discard the books,wash it down with gasoline/Burn heavy papers/Printed facts,spoon-fed knowledge
Unlearn what you know/The truth is a cancer, make it grow/Past tensed futurecomplex/Careless poison Western whispers
Crooked daggers,what democracy?
Submit to the plague,from across the sea!
Misled masses,fall into a trap/Segmented classes stereotypical pride
Unwritten in stones/Tales shape cultures we live in/Why can't we rediscover?
Track Name: Ta!
Final fight for a routine title/Left attack tear the net/Fuck the consequences/ smash it.sweat it.hard stance.reflex. grip tight/So long,China.
White lines,razor mind,carbon weapon/National treasure; public pressure/What’s up death machine?
This ain’t no slowdance/This is life on a string/Feel the taxing heat/Face the grave,defeat!/Faster,faster,faster
Track Name: The Suit
Motherland chained to the law/They make,they made us/This,we accept
Sea of morons,proxymoron/They make,they made us/This, we accept
Modern day set life on repeat/We take, we took it/We took it whole
Fed by the airwaves,transmission/We failed ourselves
Interupt your dreams/All you fucking fiends/Intercept your intentions
Programmed by the nemesis/Processed personalties/All over and over again/No way in hell nor heaven/To be true is a sin/
Wake up.Desolution starts right now
Track Name: Tera/Metric
Ask the question/Pass the question/We know the answer/Theres no answer
Reflection,cuts from the mirror/Can’t call the number/Solution,not separation/You know the number/Here comes the number in a riot!
...and at the end of the day/Clouds are similar not the same/Draw equation,lost intermission/Get with the program.
If you can’t lead you follow/If you can’t read you swallow
Track Name: Good Things Don't Last Forever
Mountain eyeing rivers/Endless summer crew/Fuck the world
Claws gripping life/Sleepless nights brew/Wildlife habit
Helpless helpless helpless/Perseverance!
Distance running thin/Legless living things/Left foot forward
Its yearning beyond compare/
Time after time,tripping minds, changing all that's left behind, switching smiles, inner child.
Set to trial to defend,wisdom lent, doors and plans,pulling stars to align,Forgotten friends make amends, there will never be the end.
Fuel vision stories/To be written,to be told
Graphic verbal science;intuition,as a guide dog. /TAKING LIFE BACK!